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Vishal Safe Company, a reputed name in the security industry, delivers top-tier security solutions that safeguard people and their possessions at the home or even at the workplace. Our growth and success are based on our customers, following a centric approach continuous innovation, strategic thinking, and better product engineering.

Our Products

With our roots in electronic access control, we set out to design and manufacture innovative electronic and mechanical safe lock systems to meet the needs of the worldwide safe and vault market.

Double Door Safes

Twice the Strength, Twice the Assurance

Dual Doors, Maximum Protection: Choose Our 2-Door Safes for Unrivaled Security!


Double Door Safes are an ideal solution for businesses and individuals looking for high-security storage options. Two distinct doors, each with its own locking mechanism, are included with these safes, adding an extra level of security against unauthorised entry. Double door safes are appropriate for a variety of storage purposes since they come in a number of sizes and styles. These may be used to keep valuables, including money, jewels, vital papers, and even guns, in secure storage.

The robustness of double door safes to numerous attacks is one of its main advantages. Most types have reinforced steel structures, which greatly increases their resistance to physical attacks like drilling and prying. Several versions also incorporate electronic locking systems that enable high-tech security features like multiple user codes and time-delayed access. Double-door safes offer a dependable and efficient way to safeguard your most important possessions thanks to its strong structure and cutting-edge security features.

4 Door Safes

FourGate Guardian

QuadArmor Fortress: Your Shield Against Theft and Intrusion!


Businesses and individuals that seek large-scale storage solutions with cutting-edge security features frequently choose for four-door safes. Four doors, each with its own locking mechanism, are used in constructing these safes to maximize protection against unwanted access. They are perfect for storing a number of precious goods, including cash, jewels, vital papers, and even sensitive data, because they come in a variety of sizes and configurations.

The adaptability of four door safes is one of their main benefits. With movable shelves and drawers, as well as choices for fire and water protection, they may be tailored to match particular storage needs. Several versions also have sophisticated security features including remote monitoring, alarm systems, and biometric access control. Four door safes provide a dependable and efficient storage solution for companies and individuals wishing to safeguard their most important assets thanks to its sturdy structure and configurable features.

Single Door Safes

Sophisticated Security Measures

The Reliable Choice for Safekeeping


Single door safes are a crucial piece of equipment for protecting valuables. To meet your unique demands, these safes are available in a range of sizes and forms. They are a fantastic alternative for anyone who wants a safe location to keep their belongings but does not require the extra room of a bigger safe. The majority of single door safes are constructed from enduring materials like steel or aluminium and have a reliable locking system. They offer a great level of security for your priceless things and are sometimes far less expensive than bigger safes.

The simplicity of usage of a single door safe is one of its key advantages. They are an excellent solution for folks who need to move their possessions around regularly or don’t have a fixed location for their safe because they are frequently lightweight and can be readily carried from one place to another. Furthermore, they are quick and simple to open, providing you rapid access to your valuables whenever you need them. When selecting a single door safe, take into account the size you want and the locking system that best suits your requirements. You may feel confident knowing your priceless valuables are safe and secure with a single door safe.

Strong Room Door

Heavy-Duty Security Doors

Heavy-Duty Security Doors: Heavy-Duty Protection for Your Most Valued Assets!

A strong room door is a heavy-duty, highly secure door designed to protect valuable items, documents, or cash stored in a secure room or vault. Strong room doors are typically made from thick steel or other durable materials and are designed to be resistant to various forms of forced entry, such as drilling, cutting, or tampering.

They may also feature additional security features such as multiple locking mechanisms, reinforced hinges, and fire-resistant properties. Strong room doors are commonly used in banks, jewelry stores, data centers, and other high-security facilities where the protection of valuable assets is of utmost importance.

Vishal Safe Company

Brand Pedigree Continuing To Expand
To Serve You Better

Developing More Extensive Solutions
Vishal Safe Company caters to a variety of industries and as a company which thrives to serve our customer base better, we always look for an opportunity to not only expand and diversify our customer base to meet the needs and demands of more but to provide our valuable customers with security solutions that are not only better than conventional ones available in the market but those security solutions that are much more comprehensive and are far more reliable. We keep trying to push the bar higher in terms of quality, durability standards and technology. As a company, we follow a more customer-centric approach and that is why no matter the size, implementation or even a client’s location we try to cater to everyone.


A Bold New Look on Security

At Vishal Safe Company, we redefine security with state-of-the-art safes that offer unmatched protection for your valuable assets. Our innovative safes are equipped with advanced security features, backed by exceptional customer service, including quick response times and personalized solutions. Trust us for the highest level of security and peace of mind for your valuables.

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Customer Testimonials

"Excellent vaults. Great quality and durability! Going to be a part of their loyal clientele!"

Jairaj Singh

"Purchasing a vault made my family and me feel so safe. Will recommend to purchase from here."

Vaishnav Shanker

"I am completely satisfied with the safe and its high quality. Highly recommended!"

Pankaj Sharma

"Purchasing a vault made my family and me feel so safe. Will recommend to purchase from here."

Rohit Verma

"Purchasing a vault made my family and me feel so safe. Will recommend to purchase from here."

Nishant Arora

“Vishal Safe Company made my life so easy ! Eyes closed I went to them for buying a safe for my office as one of my friends told me about their services and I can confidently say that I have never been guided better. Good Luck and keep up the hard work.”

Vaibhav Aggarwal

“I contacted them for a small safe to store my valuables at home and their quality of products is truly impeccable, at this price point I do not thin anyone else offers such greats services with this level of variety”

Nancy Verma

“I called just to buy a few locks for my shop and their staff told me that deal safes too, I was able to acquire a custom safe that was made accroding to my shop space and I have never been more happy ! “

Paras Ahuja

“The staff is so helpful and accommodating, they explained their product well and actually found me cheaper solutions that fit my budget, I liked the fact that their focus was not on making money but was on meeting the clients demand and ensuring their needs are taken care of.”

Manoj Meena

“The products are truly premium and I love to support indian business. They are one of the fewer companies on the market that are supporting this campaign and their products are truly of superior quality and do not feel cheap or flimsy.”

Manu Tiwari

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