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Vishal Safe Company caters to a variety of industries and as a company which thrives to serve our customer base better, we always look for an opportunity to not only expand and diversify our customer base to meet the needs and demands of more but to provide our valuable customers with security solutions that are not only better than conventional ones available in the market but those security solutions that are much more comprehensive and are far more reliable. We keep trying to push the bar higher in terms of quality, durability standards and technology. As a company, we follow a more customer-centric approach and that is why no matter the size, implementation or even a client’s location we try to cater to everyone.

Godrej Security Solutions

With a reputation for premium quality and customer service, Godrej combines high-end electronic safe solutions and multi-family application products. From pioneering the technology of a springless lock that ensures that every key is unique to new digital-driven integrated solutions that incorporate biometric technology, Godrej provides security solutions that not only safeguard the nation but its most valuable assets too.


EL-GUARD is a company with an outbound vision and undisputable commitment to customer satisfaction, coupled with persistent determination to embrace such sweeping diversity, underlining its presence in domains, ranging from Security Projects Consultants, diverse security products for commercial and institutional sector, Hospitality and Banking sector and more recently into the arena of Information Technology.


Ozone offers internationally certified hardware solutions through its product portfolio comprising more than 3000 SKUs across various product categories. Ozone ranks amongst the top 3 players in India in not only in Architectural Hardware but many other categories too, and is amongst the leading players in safes, locks, and vaults.

What’s next in bank security

Vishal Safe engineers and product designers research trending threats affecting financial institutions and evaluate emerging technologies that may help to mitigate risk. Find out what’s next in bank security.

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