Meticulously tailored solutions to help medical institutions combat new and emerging threats

We help you to maintain the security of not only your facility but also your confidential patient information and valuable assets like controlled substances and other expensive medical equipment with scalable security solutions.
Vishal Safe Company provides durable, intuitive, and easy-to-use solutions for establishments having low to high-traffic applications, and no matter the size we assure you that we can and always will be able to cater to your security needs with our tailor-made products.

What’s next in healthcare security

Vishal Safe engineers and product designers research emerging technologies to help you protect your facility, confidential patient information, and controlled substances with scalable security . Find out what’s next in healthcare security. 

    What’s next in bank security

    Vishal Safe engineers and product designers research trending threats affecting financial institutions and evaluate emerging technologies that may help to mitigate risk. Find out what’s next in bank security.

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