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Single door safes are a crucial piece of equipment for protecting valuables. To meet your unique demands, these safes are available in a range of sizes and forms. They are a fantastic alternative for anyone who wants a safe location to keep their belongings but does not require the extra room of a bigger safe. The majority of single door safes are constructed from enduring materials like steel or aluminium and have a reliable locking system. They offer a great level of security for your priceless things and are sometimes far less expensive than bigger safes.

The simplicity of usage of a single door safe is one of its key advantages. They are an excellent solution for folks who need to move their possessions around regularly or don’t have a fixed location for their safe because they are frequently lightweight and can be readily carried from one place to another. Furthermore, they are quick and simple to open, providing you rapid access to your valuables whenever you need them. When selecting a single door safe, take into account the size you want and the locking system that best suits your requirements. You may feel confident knowing your priceless valuables are safe and secure with a single door safe.

Product Applications

Banking Sector

Vishal Safe has been providing large-scale security solutions to the security industry, addressing modern-day threats.

Jewellery and Retail

Vishal Safe Company has been a leader and long-term player in the jewellery market, providing security solutions to jewellers across the nation.


Vishal Safe Company offers a wide range of products to protect personal interests, such as locks and electronic safes, which are long-lasting, easy to use and durable. They are available in multiple styles and sizes.


Vishal Safe Company provides durable, intuitive, and easy-to-use security solutions for establishments with low to high-traffic applications. We can cater to your security needs with tailor-made products, no matter the size.

Beverage and Food Industry

Depository safes, cash safes, fireproof safes, and under-counter safes are all used in the beverage and food businesses to preserve important assets and prevent theft, loss, and damage.

MNC and Corporate Customers

High-security safes are designed with advanced locking mechanisms and fire-resistant features to protect valuable assets and confidential information in corporate settings.

Schools and Institutions

Schools and institutions use safes to protect valuable assets and sensitive information from theft, loss, and damage. Record safes, laptop safes, and gun safes are designed to meet strict safety and security standards.

Product Advisor

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Key Specifications

Type of Resistance

Drill, Gas Cutting, Fire, Burglar

Size & Colour

Customizable to all sizes and hues.

Lock Option

Key Lock, Combination Lock, Biometric Access Control System, Number Lock

Salient Features

Durable Double-Walled Construction

In today’s safe and vault manufacturing, strong double-walled construction is the norm. Heat resistance is enhanced due to the increasing bulk of the walls. This is significant in safes built to protect their contents from fire, as the tools would be considerably more difficult to pierce.

Fire & Burglar Resistant

Our safes are built with heavy-duty steel and have many layers of fire-resistant insulation. To dissuade would-be burglars, they are also outfitted with cutting-edge security measures like tamper-proof locks and sturdy and powerful doors. So you can be confident that your possessions are secure with Vishal Safe.

Drill Resistant

Our single door safes are built to withstand drills. They are built of a unique steel alloy that can endure the heat of a blowtorch, gas cutters, and drilling equipment, and they feature a sturdy grip that makes them tough to break down with tools.

Automatic Relocking Mechanism

When someone tries to alter the keyhole or tear the safe’s door lock, the automatic relocking mechanism kicks into action. This feature makes it harder for criminals to break into your safe with the goal of harming it, forcing them to abandon their effort and try again later.

What’s next in bank security

Vishal Safe engineers and product designers research trending threats affecting financial institutions and evaluate emerging technologies that may help to mitigate risk. Find out what’s next in bank security.

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